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Woodstock Angler's Connection Metered Lead Core 200 Yards
[Woodstock Lead Core 200 Yard]


By: Thomas Cook Date Added: 07/21/2009
A note on Woodstock Metered Ledcore we received. It's really a great product!
Just wanted to drop a line and congratulate you on a fine product that I recently used made by Woodstock Line Company. I'm an avid fisherman and recently decided to begin salmon fishing. It appears lead core line is very popular in the arsenal of today's salmon fishermen. I did much research on the subject and when it came to choice of leadcore line I decided to experiment with 2 brands- Mason leadcore line and Woodstock's leadcore line.

When it came time to spool my reels connecting the leadcore to the mono line with various knots I tried the Mason brand first. I used several knots such as the Willis and Uni knot trying to attach leadcore to mono. After a couple hours of frustration I began to wonder what was wrong. The sheathing on the Mason line would fray and mono and/or leadcore was constantly poking through the sheathing. I absolutely could not complete a knot.

I eventually decided to try the Woodstock line. I was thrilled when my first attempt at attaching the 2 lines was successful. What I couldn't accomplish in 2 hours with Mason line was successful in 5 minutes with Woodstock leadcore! The sheathing was more firm and the mono line crept up the sheath very well. It was pleasure working with your product for this beginner! Keep up the good work and consider me a customer for life!