Wake B8 Sheild allows for weedless treble hook fishing



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Product Description

Please Note: The B8Shield does not come with a hook. The image displays how the product is intended to function.
The B8Shield is a revolutionary accessory that enables you to fish your crank baits or any other lure with treble hooks in those lunker weed beds. The B8Shield has been developed, tested and fine tuned to ensure that the construction is strong enough to protect the hook yet allow the fish to bite properly. B8Shield is designed to be used with all kinds of treble hook lures and has a streamlined shape to prevent it from altering the movement of the bait in the water. Now you can get the same action as your crankbait, spinner, or spoon plows through the linker rich weed beds of your favorite lake.

When a lure fitted with a B8Shield is pulled through reeds or similar it is the sloping barbs which come into contact with the vegetation and the hooks are pushed safely out of the way, preventing them from becoming snagged.
Push the B8Shield over the shaft of the hook using the opening in the side. Twist the B8Shield so that each barb tip is positioned above the point of one of the three hooks. Push the B8Shield down as far as the barbs will allow. The barbs must be positioned above and over the points of the hooks.

B8Shield can easily be moved between different lures. After you have reeled in and removed a fish from the hook, check that the B8Shield is still correctly positioned on the hook and that it is not damaged. When a fish bites, it can damage or affect the performance of the B8Shield. If this occurs, it should immediately be discarded and replaced. B8Shield is made of Dryflex® and should be recycled in category Plastics.

Please note: Hooks are not included. These fit over your existing treble hooks. These slip on as shown below:

Benefits And Features
  • Allows you to fish your crankbaits, spinners, and spoons in areas once forbidden
  • Tested and refined, this product is true innovation
  • Catch more fish by fishing in the spots big fish hang out! ie: weed beds and on structure
  • Have no fear of fishing on the bottom as the B8Shield will bounce off rocks and logs without getting snared
  • Lose less crank baits
  • Available in sizes 2, 4, and 6
  • 5 shields per package


  • Model: Wake B8Shield Weedless Treble
  • 98 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Wake Fishing Tackle


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