Double Down Vertical Bait Rigs





Product Description

The Double Down Rig is a live bait rig designed to keep you bait horizontal in the water column, while doubling your odds of a good hook-set.

The hooks spread apart to accommodate most bait sizes, allowing you to choose the size bait most appropriate for the fish species you are targeting.

Two hooks, double your chances of success! The straight hook is placed through your bait's nose. The second hook is a treble hook that should be placed just behind the dorsal fin. To keep the rig near the bottom, simply add weight 18" above the rig.

Predators, such as bass, walleye, pike, and muskie naturally strike prey at the head or back to keep it from escaping. The Double Down Rig allows you to arrange your hooks at these critical points of impact.

Benefits and Features:
  • Doubles odds of a good hook-set
  • The ideal rig for all vertical presentations. Perfect for tip ups and bobber applications
  • Keeps bait horizontal
  • Hooks spread to fit most bait sizes
  • Bangle flasher provides flash and sound
  • Red Hooks trigger strikes
  • Barrel swivel prevents twists
  • 20 lb. 1 x 7 camo stainless wire
Model Description:
Hook Size
  Single 10 - Treble 10
    Single 6 - Treble 6
    Single 4 - Treble 4
    Single 1 - Treble 1


  • Model: Double Down Vert. Rigs
  • 32 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Woodstock Line


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