5 Pack Rapala Shad Rap SR07 Firetiger

5 Pack Rapala Shad Rap SR07 Firetiger



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Model Rapala Shad Rap
Color: Firetiger
Length: 2-3/4 inches
Weight: 5/16 oz
Swimming Depth: 5-11 feet

The Shad Rap is one of Rapala's iconic lures. The Shad Rap has a long history of landing trophy fish. The Firetiger is a nice bright colored bait suitable for clear to murky water. 

The history of the firetiger color runs pretty deep. Just about every manufacturer makes a version of firetiger with a bright perch like coloration. Why is the firetiger color so widely produced? Because it lands fish on a consistent basis. With all the new colorations of lures available today why not go vintage and throw some firetiger at them. 


  • Model: SR07FT
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  • Manufactured by: Rapala


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