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Trout Bead Assortment


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The P-Line Trout Bead Assortment is an artificial salmon egg that truly gets results. It is well known that trout feed aggressively on freshly dropped salmon eggs. The colors of the Trout Bead Assortment have been carefully chosen to match the different life cycles of a salmon egg.

Match your bead size to the salmon egg size in your local region. This is easy with the P-Line trout Bead Assortment as you get nine colors and two sizes.

Salmon egg sizes to help you match bead sizes:
Salmon Species
Egg Size in the wild
King Salmon
 Large eggs
Silver and Chum Salmon
 Medium eggs
Sockeye and Pink Salmon
 Small eggs

How to use:
The P-Line Trout Bead Assortment is easy to rig.

Step 1: First select the appropriate size and color.
Step 2: Thread bead onto your line and tie off the end with a hook. For best results use a size 4 or 6 hook with the larger 8 mm beads, and a size 6 0r 8 hook with the smaller 6 mm beads.
Step 3: Position the bead 2 inches above the hook. Insert a toothpick between the line and the bead until snug.
Step 4: Once the bead is snug carefully break off the toothpick to conceal it inside the bead.

Benefits and Features:
  • High quality effective assortment of artificial salmon eggs
  • Highly attractive colors that drive trout into a feeding frenzy
  • Kit comes in a 20 compartment plastic case
  • 9 colors of beads to choose from
  • 2 bead sizes (8 mm and 6 mm)
  • 50 bead stoppers with instruction on the box how to use them
  • 720 total beads
  • Plastic imitation trout beads are durable and reusable


  • Model: P-Line Trout Bead Assortment
  • 4 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: P-Line


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