The Savage Gear Larvae


The Savage Gear Larvae is a subsurface, extreme fishing lure. We fished this lure for hours and absolutely think it's a winner. First, the lure swims a varied depths of roughly the surface to 2 feet subsurface depending on the speed of your retrieve. What's great about the Savage Gear Larvae is its ability to swim just over cover. We found it easy to swim just over weed beds sunken logs, and rocks. You can swim this lure right over these areas with absolutely, great results.

What makes the Savage Gear Larvae even better is the segmented body. The Larvae sports a 3 section segmented body. The sections give it a super realistic swimming action and this action elicits strikes from a variety of game fish.

The Details
Type of Lure
Subsurface Swimming Action
2-1/5 inches
1/5 ounce
Swimming Depth
 Multi species fishing lure
Price at Jax Cat Tackle
$7.59 each (You save 2.40)


As mentioned above, we are very excited about this lure. We found this lure to be very effective on large mouth and small mouth bass, pickeral, perch among others. We had no problems with the lure and the quality of this lure is very good. The segments are very strong. This lure is durable.


This lure is a subsurface slow sinking lure. The segmented body gives this bait an incredible swimming action. The lure really looks alive as at swims through the water. A slight flick of the rod tip will send the lure into a slight darting motion.


The Savage Gear Larvae fishing lure is easy to cast. We were able to cast this lure both accurately and for distance. IT was very easy to put this bait lust beyond or into weed beds. This was a great use f this lure as we got many hits upon retrieving over weedbeds.


The Savage Gear subsurface fishing lure is an awesome choice to put in your tackle box. This lure is highly recommended by the Jax Cat Tackle Company Pro-Staff. If you want to cruise a lure just over structure and need a slow sinking lure that will work within 0-2 feet deep, this is a great choice. The action is outstanding and we are sure the swimming action is one of the major strike triggers with this bait. Available in 6 colors so you can choose the color that best suits your local fishing needs.

See a You Tube demonstration here:  Savage Gear Larvae

Buy the Savage Gear Larvae here: Buy Savage Gear Larva