The Rapala Ultra Light Crank


The Rapala Ultra Light Crank Bait is a little monster. Rapala put a lot of power into this pint sized fishing lure. Designed to offer big action in a compact size, we think the Ultra Light Crank delivers serious performance and superior results.

The Details
Type of Lure
Mini Crank Bait
1-1/2 inches
1/8 ounce
Swimming Depth
4-8 feet
 Two no. 10 hooks
 Multi species fishing lure
Price at Jax Cat Tackle
$5.09 each (You save 0.90)


We have been using this bait exclusively for a full 5 days of fishing. First, the colors are vivid. There is detail on the scales and the lure just looks fantastic. We used the chrome colored model most of the time as it looks like a silver shiner minnow. The lure performed, like all Rapalas, right out of the box.

We fished this bait in Center Lake in Becket Ma. This lake contains large mouth bass, small mouth bass, pickeral, perch, rock bass and smaller sunfish.

Of the species available we caught the following species (listed in the order of most frequent first).

Chain pickeral
Large mouth bass
Rock bass
Small mouth bass

The hits on this bait were significant and largest bass we caught was 3 lbs.


The action of the Ultra Light is fantastic. This lure has a tight swimming action. In typical crank bait style this lure swims head down. At rest the lure floats. The swimming depth of 4-8 feet was good in the shallow lake we fished. The quicker the retrieve the deeper the bait goes.

The lure reacts great to slight rod tips making the lure more lively and more effective. This is an easy lure to master as it reacts like most crank baits, so you will quickly be able to get the action you are accustomed to.

The Ultra Light Crank is also great at bouncing off structure. because it swims face down and tail up, it is possible to bounce of rocks and other structure. This significantly reduces lure loss. In addition, many strikes will occur after the bounce, so the design is also helpful in getting fish on your line.

Hook ups were also very good. Basically fish who hit the lure get hooked. this is in part due to it's face down swimming action. The majority of fish caught were caught on the tail hook. Only a few fish were brought in by the belly hook.


For a small, light weight fishing lure, the Ultra Light Crank was easy to cast. We were able to cast long and accurately into cover.


If you are looking for a small crank bait that works like a true crank bait this bait is a good choice. The Ultra Light Crank performed well for us and we were very busy catching fish with it.  This lure is highly recommended by the Jax Cat Tackle Pro Staff.

The Jax Cat Tackle Company sells the Ultra Light Crank Bait in every color.

You can see them all by clicking below:

The Ultra Light Crank