About Jax Cat Tackle

Jax Cat Tackle
Because we love to fish!

Jax Cat Tackle was started in the fall of 2008. What seemed like a pipe dream at the time has continually grown with each month. Our primary goal has been to provide the best service while offering the best prices we can. We thank you for taking an interest in our company and hope that we can help you with all of your fishing needs.

We are located in the beautiful Berkshires in the small town of Becket Massachusetts. Becket is home to many small lakes and ponds. Most of these bodies of water are home to bass. We love to fish and catch both large and small mouth bass. Our family fishes almost daily from spring to fall. On occasion, we venture out to go ice fishing too. Clearly we do love to fish. We hope to pass on this passion to new anglers and hope that we might rekindle that passion in the more experienced anglers we work with.

At Jax Cat Tackle you will get an honest price and service with integrity. That's our promise. We have seen other websites guarantee the lowest prices with all the flash and fanfare that goes with it. We don't make those types of promises. We simply strive to offer the lowest prices we can, while providing the exceptional service you want. In the end, our prices are among the lowest you'll find. We believe that once you have purchased from us you'll come back again. It's a relationship and we work at making it last!

Best of luck in all your fishing endeavors. May your bobber always go under, your fly line run to its backing, and your trolling cable run deep.

Jax Cat Tackle
March 2009