P Line Predator Minnow

P Line Predator Minnow


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009 Chart Red Head Green Back

001 Silver Green Red Head

006 Silver Black

002 Red Belly White Red Head

015 Yellow Silver Laser

101 Purple Lightning

105 Dorado

106 Blue Sardine

121 Silver Yellow Red Head

109 Green Mackerel

107 Zucchini

122 Tennessee Shad

123 Firetiger

10 Chart Orange Back

012 Rainbow Trout


The P Line Predator Minnow is catching fish from coast to coast in both fresh and salt water. The deep diving, broken back minnow has an irresistible action that entices powerful strikes from a wide variety of predatory, big game, fish. Trolled at 3 mph with 100 feet of line, the Predator Minnow will dive 12 to 13 feet, putting it in the strike zone.

Benefits and Features:
  • One piece mold injection construction
  • Single wire running from the bill to the rear hook for added strength
  • Laser glass eyes
  • Two rattle chambers for vibration and sound
  • Quality VMC hooks
Model Description:
Predator Minnow

  • Model: P-Line Predator Minnow
  • Manufactured by: P-Line