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Listings in this section are sold in bulk. These items can not be split.

How does this work?

1. If you are interested in a listing here you can send us an offer for the goods. PLease send all offers to: customerservice@jaxcattackle.com
Please do not call with offers. Phone offers will be declined.

If your offer is accepted you will receive a Pay Pal money request. This money must be paid within 24 hours.
If your offer is rejected, you will receive an e-mail.
Offers that are low ball offers will be rejected and no e-mail sent.

2. How do items end up here?

Items end up in this section for a few reasons. First, we have been in business since 2008. Over time we acquire a lot of fishing gear. This gear needs to be sold to make room for new items.
Items also end up here because manufacturers sell us bulk lots and we pass them on to you here.

This is a win/win situation. You get a great deal and we get to clear our shelves. Additionally, manufacturers that we work with get to relieve themselves of excess items.

3. Are the items in good shape?

All items in this category are in working order. However, they may not be considered brand new. Please note our rating system.

A. Excellent condition. The items are in perfect working order with no scratches. These may be scuffing to the outer packaging.
B. Good condition: These items are in working order, but they may have some scratches/blemishes. The scratches or blemishes will not the functionality.
C. Fair condition: These items will be in working order but may have broken cases. Items may be loose, have bent hooks, and cosmetic blemishes. 

Please note the following terms:
1. Items in this section do not ship for free. A shipping charge is visible on the items page.
2. Items from this section can not be returned. All sales on this page are final.

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