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Free Shipping on orders $50+ (USA)

The New for 2015 Rapala BX Waking Minnow will be available this July 2014. Here’s why we love this new bait.

Durability and Swimming action

Balsa wood is perhaps the best thing to ever happen to fishing lures. The wood gives baits an incredible action. Rapala has been making crankbaits from this wood for over a century and the wood is responsible for putting many fish in the boats of anglers around the world. The problem is that balsa wood can be damaged by toothy predators who strike aggressively. The BX Series was created to enhance the qualities of balsa wood. Basically in the BX series you get all the fish catching qualities of balsa in a more durable bait. The BX series has a balsa base with an outer shell made from tough and durable copolymer resins. Those toothy predators can nail this all day.

Color Patterns

The  BX Waking Minnow has excellent finishes and realistic 3D eyes.  Anglers and predators alike will be attracted to this striking new walk the dog bait from Rapala. Colors available include: Blue Back Herring, Firetiger, Gold Shiner, Shadow, Smelt, and Yellow Perch.  We think you’ll really like the color patterns and so will the fish.

How it’s fished:

The BX Waking Minnow is a “walk the dog” surface bait. With a rolling action on the surface you are likely to get strong strikes. We like to walk the dog with a slow retrieve and rod twitch to get wider patterns. In very warm waters a slightly tighter pattern may produce better results. Bottom line: try different approaches and patterns.

Bottom Line:

Anglers will enjoy fishing this bait. This bait will attract predatory fish like pike and bass. This is a “walk the dog” surface bait. Best of luck on the water!

The Balsa Extreme Waking Minnow. Available July 2014 at the Jax Cat Tackle Company.